Four Advantages To Building New Homes

If buying a house is nerve-wracking, constructing one from the ground up can be downright stressful. Building new homes, however, offers the following four advantages.

Unlimited Customization

Many people would love to live in a home customized just for them. Most don’t even consider this option when contemplating a move because they assume it would be too expensive to build from scratch. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the median new home price in 2013 was $268,900. That is not a high price for total customization and the sound knowledge that a residence is truly one’s own. It’s not uncommon to pay upwards of $300,000 for real estate that already has been built for someone else’s needs. Why pay for a house that is not built entirely to one’s own specifications when the same amount of money or less might be spent on the luxury of customization?

Greater Efficiency

Existing houses don’t just come with creaking floors and undesirable wallpaper; they come complete with drafty windows, energy-hungry appliances, and gas-guzzling furnaces. All of these issues contribute to one very inefficient residence. This lack of efficiency is bound to rob the homeowner’s wallet, whether it’s through the need to remodel or because of sky-high energy bills.

New homes guarantee greater efficiency. This is especially true if they are built in a neighborhood or community with a green initiative. Within such communities, preexisting plans for new homes entail energy-saving strategies. These plans may include solar panels and maximum insulation, for instance.

Better Resale Value

Though most home builders are not likely to sell their abodes anytime in their near future, it is worth noting that the resale value of new homes is higher than that of older ones. Each customized blueprint is unique, and each one has attractive features that cookie-cutter houses lack. This makes such new homes irresistible and more valuable to potential buyers. If circumstances change and selling the newly constructed place becomes necessary, then you’ll at least have the consolation of being able to ask for a high selling price.

A Healthier Alternative

Older houses are riddled with dangers to their owners’ health. Though potentially beautiful on the outside, these buildings often hide complications in their walls and beneath their floors. Pest infestations, mold, lead paint, and asbestos are just a few of the serious health risks that can be associated with older homes. Constructing a new place from the ground up can guarantee that none of these health hazards reside alongside the mortgage-paying inhabitants.

True pride comes with the construction of a brand-new, custom residence. As evidenced above, there are many residual benefits from the choice to build rather than to buy. Homeowners who take this route have the pride of knowing that their place of residence is truly their own.